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The science of document design

Understanding the principles of visual communication and layout to create effective Process Picture Maps (PPMs).

Deep level interviewing & observation skills

Developing the ability to gather detailed information through thorough interviews and observation techniques for accurate PPM creation.

Concise writing techniques

Mastering the art of conveying complex processes with clarity and brevity in PPM narratives.

Digital photography & videography

Utilizing modern multimedia tools to capture visual elements that enhance the comprehensibility of PPMs.

How to add training videos to your PPMs

Integrating instructional videos seamlessly into PPMs to provide additional clarity and guidance.

Use of symbols & tables

Employing symbols and tables effectively within PPMs to simplify complex information and improve understanding.

Reconciling & validating PPMs

Ensuring accuracy and reliability by cross-referencing information and validating PPMs with stakeholders.

Introducing PPMs to the workplace

Implementing strategies to successfully introduce and integrate PPMs into organizational processes for enhanced productivity and understanding.

Improve Performance At Work And Become A PPM Author

The comprehensive and complimentary training for license holders of PPM® Visual Documents