Human Error Reduction Training

Learn How to Reduce Human Error in your Organization.

Human errors are a factor in up to 96% of all errors.
Studies estimate their cost to up to 10% of your bottom line – each year.

Our human error reduction programs teach scientific, proven-effective strategies and techniques that enable you to reduce human error in your operations by up to 50%.

Learn how to reduce human error in your organization with a Desertfire Online Talsico program.

The typical way to manage errors is broken


When it comes to technology and machinery we depend on science; but our responses to human error are unscientific.

Fear based

Many workers hide errors for fear of being blamed and punished. This fear-based culture makes it difficult to investigate and minimize errors.


Punishment and training are statistically ineffective at reducing error rates.

Employ Scientific Solutions To Human Error

Our courses and modules are designed to bring the best out of your organization. They empower your leaders to go beyond trusting their gut and make systemic, data driven decisions.

Human Error Reduction For Leaders
  • Establishes a collaborative, objective error reduction process
  • Reduces error rates, deviations, quality holds, injuries
  • Reduces the time required to close a CAPA or deviation investigation
  • Praised by FDA, TGA and other regulatory bodies
  • Improves workplace culture
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Human Error Investigation & Diagnostics
  • Establishes collaborative, objective interview and investigation processes
  • Significantly reduces days required to close a CAPA or deviation investigation
  • Praised by FDA, TGA and other regulatory bodies
  • Improves workplace culture
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Creating Error Resistant Batch Documents & Forms
  • Reduces the length of your batch records (30-50% reductions in length are common)
  • Up to 70% reduction in batch document errors: transcription errors, missing initials/signatures, omissions, unit transfer, mathematical errors, etc
  • Easier & quicker for personnel to complete forms correctly
  • Praised by FDA, TGA and other regulatory bodies
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a classroom of attendees at a human error reduction training

Onsite Training

  • Up to 20 attendees per classroom-based program
  • Client-specific case studies
  • Printed course material
  • 8-hour program for Leaders
  • Optional: 4-hour extract for plant personnel
  • Train the trainer & licensing options available
an office worker in a blue shirt working on his laptop sitting at a desk

Self-Paced Program

  • Live instructor
  • Up to 20 attendees per program
  • Industry-specific case studies
  • Printed course materials
  • 2-hour sessions each day for three days (Tue, Wed, Thur)
  • Train the trainer & licensing options available


Thousands of participants have used our training modules to improve their organizations. Here are some of them.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"PPM Software will save you days, not hours, in the creation of each document. If you haven't tried it, run, don't walk, and get a copy. I give it four out of five stars"

Editor, Training Review

Improves Task Performance

"The time required to create a procedure went from two weeks to four hours."

Manager, Organizational Learning

Regulatory and ISO compliant

"Over the past 8 years, I have worked with the programs and products that Talsico provide. The results are the best learning tools I have seen or used over my working life because they truly reflect the requirements of the role in a meaningful but simple and easy to follow format."

Manager, Major Shipping Company

an instructor teaching attendees about process picture maps
SOP with PPM Addendum

Science makes the invisible, visible

Desertfire Talsico provide a scientific, objective, proven-effective process for investigating, categorising, and minimising, human error in the workplace. Drawing on the latest research in Psychology, Physiology, Neurology, and Human Factors, we help you see invisible causal factors that result in errors, scrap, injuries, deviations, quality holds, even recalls.

Our training also helps you establish an objective, collaborative error reduction process that brings workers and management together to reduce errors and improves performance.

Licensed by many of the world's leading manufacturers, we encourage you to attend our virtual program and learn what we mean when we say "Science makes the invisible, visible".

Prevent Fighting Fires and attend a Human Error Reduction Training

Desertfire Talsico programs provide a scientific, proven effective means of reducing human error in your operations.

Our Human Error Reduction programs are available in both self-paced and on-site classroom formats. Talsico human error reduction courses are licensed by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and consumer healthcare manufacturers.

If the cost of human error in your operations is high, Desertfire Talsico can help.